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Selling fur pelts. EU seller! [Apr. 8th, 2014|05:35 pm]
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Hi everyone.
I have some fur pelts for sale. I´m selling them cheap because I just simply don´t know what to do with them. Prices are in US dollars but you can also pay with euros. I accept Paypal and bank transfer. I ship from Finland, European Union, and will ship anywhere but it´s your responsibility to find out if these are legal to ship to your country. I am not responsible for things seized at customs. Shipping cost varies from $7 to $40 depending on how much you buy and where you live. I hope you will find something interesting! :3 Click photos to supersize them.

1. Open belly tanuki $20
Garment tanned quality, animal is from Finland. Has all four paws but no tail and nose. There is one almost bald spot but otherwise fur is really nice.
1_1 1_2 1_3

2. Half of tanuki $15
Garment tanned quality, animal is from Finland. Has tail.
2_1 2_2 2_3

3. Cased tanuki $20
Garment tanned quality, animal is from Finland. Has tail but no paws.
3_1 3_2 3_3

4. Grey fox $20
Roadkill from USA. Open belly, has nice tail but no paws.

5. Skunk $15
Roadkill from USA. Open belly, very nice soft fur but there is a hole.
5_1 5_2

6. Lynx paw, no claws $7

7. Ferret $7
Bought from Norway, seller said it´s a wild ferret. Cased, no paws.
7_1 7_2

8. Two white ermines $15 for both
Open belly, no paws. Bought from USA.
8_1 8_2

9. Two brown ermines $15 for both
Cased, no paws. Bought from USA.
9_1 9_2

10. European badger $20
Bought from a Finnish hunter. Open belly, no paws. Home-tanned by the hunter himself so not the best quality.
10_1 10_2

[User Picture]From: chronidu
2014-04-08 07:22 pm (UTC)


Curious, do you know what the shipping would be for a couple pelts to the United States?
[User Picture]From: ikirouta_fox
2014-04-09 08:19 am (UTC)


Hi there, shouldn´t be more than $20 (with insurance) unless you want the badger. The badger is so heavy that last time I shipped a badger to USA the cost was around $40.
[User Picture]From: vantid
2014-04-09 04:09 pm (UTC)


I sent you a message!
[User Picture]From: ikirouta_fox
2014-04-10 01:35 pm (UTC)


Got it, thanks. :3
[User Picture]From: lupagreenwolf
2014-04-11 05:04 am (UTC)


Just as a heads-up, it's against federal law to import wildlife hides from outside of the US without an import/export permit and inspection fees. There's more information in the US Customs section of the Animal Parts Laws page here. You should make sure your U.S. customers know this,
[User Picture]From: ikirouta_fox
2014-04-11 07:21 pm (UTC)


Oh, didn´t know it was so strict. Thanks for the info.
[User Picture]From: lupagreenwolf
2014-04-11 07:26 pm (UTC)


Most people don't, to be honest! I mainly know because I've done so much research on the legalities.