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Cheap box o' fur [Jun. 2nd, 2014|11:50 pm]
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I have a bunch of misc fur parts to sort of gift. I'd like $25 if that doesn't sound too steep, shipping included in lower 48 US:

2 deer tail
1 raccoon tail
1 Topi leg with hoof
1 (I believe) Topi antelope backhide chunk
1 Coyote foot
1 blonde cowtail
1 teeny scrap of soft mink
2 grey squirrel pelts dyed to look like red squirrel
maybe some other stuff if i can find it! :3

I just need my space back! I will send you a pic with my username via cellphone as proof of ownership, but just too lazy to properly catologue this cr*p email aazhie or skype aazhie plz!

[User Picture]From: chronidu
2014-06-03 07:26 am (UTC)


I'd love to buy them! How's the condition of the items?
[User Picture]From: sableantelope
2014-06-03 07:53 am (UTC)


Any chance you'd be willing to let me have the Topic hoof/leg out of the box?

I can pay you $20 for it.

(may sound odd but I have an antelope leg/hoof collection and Topi is one I don't have)
[User Picture]From: chronidu
2014-06-03 08:47 am (UTC)


I was actually hoping to keep, hooves are one of my favorite things to get taxidermy wise and I don't get the chance often due to low funds, sorry about that D:!
[User Picture]From: sableantelope
2014-06-03 09:01 am (UTC)


No prob! You spoke up first.

Do you have a kudu in your collection? I have a hoof + leg hide of one if you might be interested. (I have a female sable as well if you might want that)
[User Picture]From: chronidu
2014-06-03 09:08 am (UTC)


I do not actually! But I am very partial to kudus. If I end up being able to buy the box I'd be happy to talk something out with you!

For now though I'm heading to bed, having trouble keeping eyes open haha